And So, It Has Finally Come To This


This evening while channel surfing I chanced to stumble across an old friend’s television program on Public Access. Jeanie has been a pillar of the progressive movement in Sacramento for as long as I can remember. She walked the picket lines against the Wars in Iraq when nearly everyone was in favor of them, when all she got for her trouble was derision and scorn. I believe she would have stood on that corner alone if no one else came.

She proudly co-chaired the local Nader for President campaign here in 2000 and remained proud after the narrow decision and all of the accusations.

With all of this history as a stalwart progressive I was shocked when she announced that she would register Republican and vote for Ron Paul in the 2012 election. She went on to explain that in light of the President’s assertion that he had the right and the power to assassinate American citizens without trial or due process who were merely accused of being terrorists, now that Congress was about to pass the Defense appropriations rider that allowed the imprisonment of Americans without trial or due process indefinitely, she felt compelled to support the only remaining candidate from either party to respect the Constitution.

And so we have come to this dark place: A social Darwinist who named his son after Ayn Rand looks like the best choice to halt America’s relentless slouching toward Fascism.

I do not agree, but I understand.

As for myself, I shall still vote my conscience. I will doubtless have to look to a minor party for a candidate worthy of my vote. I have no delusions that it will make a difference. I simply cannot hold my nose and vote for the lesser evil again. I wouldn’t trust any of the candidates from the major parties to watch my cats, let alone my country.

We are governed by whores in the service of corporate pimps.

A pox upon both their houses.


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