Twitter Haiku!

Seen on the haikuprogress twitter feed:

Feeding the richest / hoping they will create #jobs / Carts before horses…

Tense in the city / Angry crowds become fixtures / for hope and progress…

Hoist Jolly Roger / set sail for the open sea / talk like #pirates now…

— all of the above by haikuprogress


Spreading coast to coast/ tent cities like weeds and wildfire/ #occupyfreedom

In Wall Street’s cold rain / people hold up protest signs/ Hope rises like dawn

— above two by Gardner99 Avist Gardner


a thousand war bombs/ inherited by children/ who won’t play with them.

The_Flat_Line Enrique Cedillo


Progress means to me. Education, Jobs and Health. For Americans.

FiredUpInLV2 Anna M Shepard