Coming Soon: The $25 Personal Computer

The Raspberry Pi, a budget priced bare-bones computer, (case, keyboard, and monitor not included) is about to launch. Finally a computer will be within the reach of the poorest families, the youngest children, and most people in developing nations…at least potentially.
“Early models of the Pi will be offered in two versions. The first, Model A (US$25), will sport 128M of RAM but no Ethernet port. Presumably, most of these will end up in educational use. The second, Model B (US$35), will have a larger production run and offer 256M of RAM along with 10/100MBit networking capability. Both are powered by 700MHz ARM11 CPUs and include hardware support for OpenGL ES 2.0 and Blu-Ray caliber (1080p30 H.264) playback.”
Once the system is configured with user-supplied peripherals, Pi will initially drive ArchLinux, Debian and Fedora ARM GNU/Linux distributions – RPF has plans to add others later on.
In other words: it won’t support Windows, but what do you want for $25?
For lots more and a video clip see: gizmag
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