McCain’s Record On Vets and Troops – Dismal!

>How can any veteran, having gone through the hell of combat and war, who achieves a position of power, not support his brethren in the armed forces? In John McCain’s case, he even endured years of imprisonment and torture. And yet, where has he been on Veterans’ issues? MIA – Missing In Action!

Go to for the complete, and unbelievable list of ways John McCain has let the troops down. It is long. All I can think is his experience must have warped his mind, because he seems to think all soldiers should just “tough it out” and not receive any help from the country they serve. Sad… and scary! Who would want such an uncompassionate person as a leader?

McCain voted at least 28 times against veterans’ benefits, including healthcare, opposed the 21st century GI bill because it was “too generous,” voted against additional body armor for troops in combat, and voted against a ban on waterboarding – a form of torture – in a move that could eventually endanger American troops. When it comes to “supporting the troops,” McCain apparently does not put “Country First,” nor the troops, but corporate interests and campaign contributors instead.

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