He’s B-A-A-A-C-K!

>Yes, I’m back. And blogging once again. Sorry for the long absence… I get lazy sometimes, I admit it. If anyone is out there reading this, leave a comment now and then — if I know you’re out there, I’ll be more inspired to write!

I am not an Oprah watcher, although I have nothing against her — she’s done some good things with her fame, so good on her. This clip from her show came to my attention recently, and I wanted to share it.

It’s about the ‘tent cities’ springing up everywhere, this one is in Sacramento. I rode by it recently on my bike, it’s MUCH bigger than these filming angles show. I saw what looked like hundreds of tents. A few months ago, there were only a handful.

Lisa Ling, a former Sacramentan, does this report, and her interviews are heartbreaking, but worth watching, as I think we tend to “other-ize” the homeless — that is, think of them as a different sort of people. Most of those living in this growing tent city had lost jobs recently, and their homes. They’re just like you and me.


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