Homeless make a buck selling Humor Times

>We’ve been working with an organization that helps out homeless people in San Francisco, giving them copies of the Humor Times to sell on the street. It gives them a way to make a few bucks, while spreading the title around and hopefully making a few new fans of the paper.

It’s feels good to be able to help unfortunate folks help themselves. People walking on the street like to help out homeless people more when they see that they are being productive in some way. They might even discover they like political humor too!

Call it our little stimulus package — stimulating the economy on the street, while stimulating your funny bone at the same time!

We hope to be able to duplicate the effort in other localities. Let us know if you have any good ideas for us. And if you see a homeless man or woman offering you the Humor Times one day, don’t ignore them, help them out. Buy a copy, and then share it with a friend.

The good vibes will just keep spreading out that way! And Lord knows, we need more of that these days. Thanks.

James Israel
Social media