Right-wing slime machine working overtime


The right-wing media is doing all it can to vilify Obama, not waiting for the next election to ramp up their slime machine. That’s all they ever do, it’s all they know how to do, is bash liberals. You won’t hear a word about any type of alternative policy proposals, or any real intellectual debate, just slime directed at the man who embarrassed them in November.

President Obama inherited a terrible situation, it’s not going to be easy getting the economy back on track. I don’t agree with everything he’s doing, but no matter what course you pick in the face of such a confluence of disastrous events as we’re experiencing now, you’re going to have detractors. And you’re not even going to be able to see if your plan is working for months or years.

His foreign policy makes a lot more sense than the political isolationism Bush brought (other than his military forays, of course, which were a disaster — another thing Obama has to deal with).

Republicans, don’t believe everything Fox News and the rest of the hate media have to say. As I recall, when Bush was in the White House, their mantra was, “If you didn’t support the president, you are unpatriotic.” Now they call the president a socialist, a fascist and every other damaging term they can conjure up, and it’s supposed to be ok. Very hypocritical.

Their rants are getting so paranoid, people like Fox’s Glenn Beck are calling for revolution. This is inspiring idiots like the guy who shot the cops the other day, because he was afraid Obama was going to take his guns away.

The Republicans are showing themselves as immature, terrible losers. Instead of fomenting fear and paranoia, they should be looking at themselves to figure out why the voting populace rejected them.
James Israel
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