No thanks to forced vaccinations


Why must our society over-react so much? Whether it’s marching off to war for a pack of lies, being paranoid about health care reform, or tazing grandmas, something about our culture just loves to jump to conclusions and act impulsively. Of course, a lot of this behaviour is encouraged by those who stand to make a profit off of it.

Take for example a new law passed by the state Senate in Massachusetts, which calls for mandatory vaccinations of all citizens and a $1,000/day fine for those who refuse to cooperate. It also legalizes health care “interrogations” of Mass. citizens, forced entry into homes without a warrant, the on-site destruction of buildings or objects suspected of harboring the virus, the government kidnapping of family pets, “involuntary transportation” of people into quarantine camps and much more.

Of course, the drug companies making the vaccines love this stuff.

Read the analysis of this disturbing police state assault on freedom that’s about to be signed into law in Massachusetts (and could be followed by other states across the country):

Vaccines are notoriously ineffective anyway, and often worse than the disease. Not to mention a clear link between vaccines and Downs Syndrome. From
Historical facts exposing the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines.

James Israel
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