Spineless Dems ready to fold again – after all, Public Option only has 76% support

>I consider myself an independent, even though I wind up voting Democratic most of the time. But they usually disappoint me. Like now.

Why do I vote Democratic then? Because our unfortunate ‘winner take all’ system means votes for minority candidates are pretty much wasted, other than for ‘sending a message,’ which never gets heard anyway. And Republicans seem to be against anything that might help regular citizens – especially if there’s even a remote chance a bill might affect rich folks’ bottom lines. Heaven forbid! After all, don’t Americans worship at the feet of the rich, hoping one day to win the lottery and be just like them?

In any case, the system is rotten to the core. As I’ve said many times, we the people will not be served by our so-called ‘representatives’ until and unless the big money is taken out of politics. Because that is what our ‘representatives’ are representing now. They work for the people that give them the money to get re-elected. Thus, the system is rotten to the core.

The current health care debate is a perfect example. 76% of voters have consistently said in polls that they want a strong public option in any health care bill. 76 percent! Holy cow, do Democrats need more of a mandate than THAT??? Apparently so.

Because, after all, a few hysterically vocal right-wingers were whipped up by lies told them by the insurance industry, and made some noise at town halls this summer. Therefore, Dems have taken this as their cue to fold! Like they always do. Nothing new here.

We expected some results this time, what with 60 senate seats and a huge majority in the house, and, oh yeah, that 76% public support. But no-o-o-o. A few corporate sponsored ‘blue-dog’ Dems can take down the whole thing for their insurance company supporters.

If we lived in a just society, those ‘blue dogs’ would pay dearly for their obstinance in the next election, regardless of how much tainted insurance company money they will have amassed to throw at smarmy TV ads. They have failed their real constituents, and deserve to be replaced. Will voters in those states have the intelligence to see through the lies? I doubt it, but if they did, it would go a long way to restoring my faith in democracy.

James Israel
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