New York Times shirks journalistic responsibility

>The New York Times devoted some rare space on September 20 to discussing single-payer (or Medicare-for-all) health reform.

NYT public editor Clark Hoyt ran a piece devoted to undermining the case for single-payer health care without allowing advocates to make the case in support of Medicare for all. Seems awfully one-sided. And as is predictable in such a one-sided article, they got it all wrong.

Single payer is the way to go, and enjoys huge support among those that matter – the citizens of this country. If the media reported that support as it should, maybe our representatives would feel the pressure to buck the corporate interests that are holding US health policy hostage. But, no, the media continue to enable the insurance behemoths that put profits over people’s health.

You can write to Mr. Hoyt, as I did, at [email protected] or call him at (212) 556-7652, and let him know the media needs to take responsibility for presenting all sides in this critical debate.

James Israel
Social media