Zulu Singer Claims He Rose From the Dead

Khulekani Mgqumeni “Kwakhe” Khumalo, one of the best known figures in traditional Zulu music, Died in December 2009.

He says he’s feeling much better now.

A man claiming to be the late musician reappeared on January 29 of this year. His grandmother and several other relatives including his daughter and two common-law wives insist that it is indeed him. Several local politicians and journalists attended the funeral two years ago.

“There is no way I can get confused over Kwakhe,” his grandmother said. “He is looking a little worn, and his cheeks are less chubby, but it’s him.”

The authorities are somewhat more skeptical. He was arrested and taken into custody pending the result of a DNA test. If the DNA test is positive, there will be an exhumation.

He claims to have been held prisoner by zombies for the last two years and that they cut of his dreadlocks and were preparing to preform a ritual to transform him into a water spirit called a tokoloshe.



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