A WTF, Wrapped In An Enigma…

Strange goings on in Zimbabwe…again!

Last month a man in Bulawayo was hounded from his neighborhood by his neighbors who claimed he was keeping a gaggle of goblins that were raping his and the neighbor’s wives.

Now, the Minister for Water Resources, Sam Sipepa Nkomo, has told a Senate committee that mermaids have frightened away workers at three different dam sites in the Midlands.

“Nkomo told a senate oversight committee that traditional chiefs are going to perform rituals to appease restive mermaids believed to inhabit water reservoirs in Gokwe and Mutare where workers are afraid to tread.”

Local legends say that mermaids will carry humans away underwater and if there is an outcry their victims will never be seen again. It is also said that the victims may return as spirit mediums if not mourned.

Nkomo said that he tried to hire White workers who didn’t know the local legends, but they were frightened away too.

Be seeing you.


Mermaid via Sloth Unleashed

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