Top Twenty Nicknames Librarians Have Given to Book Carts

Roz Warren, Top Twenty Nicknames Librarians Have Given to Book Carts

Orson Scott Cart, meet Louisa May Alcart: Here are the Top Twenty Nicknames librarians have given to book carts.

If you work in a library, you work with book carts, so naturally you give them nicknames. You could call your faithful book cart Bumpy, Squeaky, Rusty or Tipsy. But surely you can do better than that! Here’s a list of actual nicknames librarians have bestowed upon their favorite book carts:

Boris Cartoff

Andrew Cartnegie

Louisa May Alcart

Orson Scott Cart

Magna Carta

Herman Shelfville

Carty McCartface

Paul McCartney

Cartin Sheen

Kim Kartdashian

Wheels DeGrasse Tyson

Cart Blanche


Cartship Enterprise

Cart Simpson

Napolean Bonacarte

Wheely Dan

Cart Garfunkel

Total Eclipse Of The Cart

Bookaditch Cartabatch

Groucho Cart


Cart Vader

Lord Voldecart

Cartasaurus Rex

If you happen to be a librarian and these names inspire you to re-name the book cart in your life, please share the results in the comments section.

(Roz Warren is the author of Our Bodies, Our Shelves: Library Humor and Just Another Day At Your Local Public Library , both of which make terrific gifts for librarians and other book-lovers.)

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Roz Warren
Roz Warren Roz is the author of Just Another Day At Your Local Public Library and Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection Of Library Humor. She writes for The New York Times and The Funny Times. Her work also appears in Good Housekeeping, The Christian Science Monitor, The Philadelphia Inquirer and of course, the Humor Times. Connect with her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter or visit her website.