Apres Moi, la Deluge

Yesterday was “Super Tuesday.”

The Sacramento City Council approved a plan to build a new stadium for our 13-15 basketball team in the downtown area. They claim this will invigorate the downtown businesses. Our Mayor evidently feels a new sports stadium is a more pressing issue than our homeless problem that is so bad that the United Nations has written chiding him for failing to provide basic things like clean water for them.

Romney won Ohio in a squeaker. Santorum won enough  states to keep him going. Ron Paul and Newt gnash their teeth on the sidelines, but press onward.

The government bought up seven million pounds of ammonia-treated beef slurry that even Taco Bell and McD’s stopped using to feed our kids in school lunches….Yum!

Dennis Kucinich, one of the last great Progressives, lost his primary race after the Republicans gerrymandered his old district out of existence…but Joe the Plumber won his primary and is running for a House seat.

Michael Moore was on MSNBC during the election coverage. At one point he laughed and said, “I wonder if they’ll show this footage at my military tribunal.”

Rachel Maddow said, “As long as it isn’t a drone strike.”

They both laughed, but we live in a country where the President has claimed to power to assassinate American citizens without any due process and Congress is just fine with that. On the other hand, there was enough of an outcry that the President has backed away from indefinite military detention, so there’s that. Murdering us without a trial is still OK though.

And so it goes. And so it goes.

More primaries and debates. More stupid moralizing about birth control as the public discourse lurches back to the era of saddle shoes and poodle skirts.

We all wait anxiously for a puff of white smoke from Goldman Sachs to signal the anointing of the new Republican Presidential candidate. And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?

Outside it’s Amerika.


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