Did This High School Student Really Find the Cure for Cancer? (Video)

Science-haters: Close your eyes and ears!

17-year-old Angela Zhang potentially found the cure for cancer.
17-year-old Angela Zhang of Cupertino of California.

This brilliant high school girl, way ahead of her age in science, may have found the cure for cancer. She discovered a way to deliver cancer medicine directly to cancer cells, using nano-technology, thus sparing healthy cells and wiping out cancer in record time. It has already worked in mice, but studies on humans may take some time.

17-year-old Angela Zhang of Cupertino, California, won $100,000 in the national Siemens science contest for potentially finding this cancer cure.

Methinks she could’ve made millions if she held onto her theories and worked it right. Good thing she’s not a greedy bastard, like the “medical industrial complex,” or whatever you want to call it.

And who WILL make the inevitable millions and billions from this? Is it fair? Will it end up costing 1/10th or 1/100th the amount in other countries that it will cost here, like every other medical drug/procedure/etc?

And when will it be ready for humans?

Lots of questions, but an amazing story!

This was first reported in January, but it’s the first I heard of it. Had to pass it on! Please do the same.

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