Author reveals how to appreciate humor in parenting while doing what’s best for children

Jennifer M. Koontz explains how to use humor in parenting as effective tool to manage children’s behavior, in her new book, using methods that have worked for her.

“When Your Centerpiece is made of Play-Doh and the Dog Has Eaten Your Crayons” by Jennifer M. Koontz

In her book “When Your Centerpiece is Made of Play-Doh and the Dog Has Eaten Your Crayons: A Mother’s Perspective on Parenting” (ISBN 1467906131), Jennifer M. Koontz gives advice for new parents and stresses the importance of finding the humor in the adventure of parenting.

Koontz’s light-hearted look at parenting highlights the importance of keeping everything in perspective as a parent. She says her book provides anecdotes and observations of parenting styles and introduces “The Privileges System for Children,” a system that eliminates unacceptable behaviors and allows children to learn how to make good choices.

In addition to her Privileges System, Koontz uses a humorous tone to discuss topics that include everything from trends in parenting and how to make your child more self-sufficient to teaching your child about humor and what children would really like parents to know. The book’s final subject point is dubbed “The List.” It is a summary of the many lessons Koontz has learned as a parent and the bits of wisdom that she hopes all parents will remember.

Koontz describes her book as a reflection of her observations of parenthood and she offers practical, common sense solutions for managing the chaos that comes along with being a parent. She stresses that parenting takes practice and adds that wise parents do what they can to learn from all sources, including their own children.

“When Your Centerpiece is Made of Play-Doh and the Dog Has Eaten Your Crayons: A Mother’s Perspective on Parenting” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Jennifer M. Koontz received a bachelor’s degree from Franklin and Marshall College, and a juris doctor from The Dickinson School of Law of the Pennsylvania State University. She earned her Pennsylvania teaching certificate from Millersville University. Koontz has taught students of all ages, from preschool through college, with a focus on secondary grades and adult students. She lives in Pennsylvania with her family and is currently working on her next book.

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