The Association for Cultural Equity: Alan Lomax’s Collection of Folk Music from All Over the World

Enjoy this fantastic website, which we learned of when it was shared by Stephen Colbert on his show this Thursday.

Alan Lomax’s collection of recordings, videos, etc, of folk music from all over the world, recorded in the 50’s on a reel-to-reel, and up through the 70’s. You could explore these recording forever, just about… Great stuff!

The Association for Cultural Equity.

“Neighborhood investigation shows him to be a very peculiar individual in that he is only interested in folk lore music, being very temperamental and ornery. …. He has no sense of money values, handling his own and Government property in a neglectful manner, and paying practically no attention to his personal appearance. … He has a tendency to neglect his work over a period of time and then just before a deadline he produces excellent results.”
— From the FBI file on Alan Lomax, 1940–1980

From the website:

In essence, the many facets of Lomax’s career were an expression of his belief in what he called “cultural equity” — the idea that the expressive traditions of all local and ethnic cultures should be equally valued as representative of the multiple forms of human adaptation on earth.

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