Reality vs TV

I was watching one of the myriad mindless “police action” dramas on TV in a moment of boredom. In one particular program I saw two peace officers flee and scale a high fence when confronted by two barking German shepherds.

Yeah, right.

If you follow the news at all you know in the real world you can usually find about three stories a week where the police gun down the family dog while the children scream in horror. The Libertarian blog “The Agitator” used to post about one a day before they quit bothering.

Here are a couple of the more memorable cop-kills-dog stories that have been in the newsIn this one the police were coming to take a statement from a victim, and shot her dog instead.


Here’s one where Steven Segal helped out…and they used a tank too!


Finally, it turns out that the NYPD has been trying to cover up a policy of arresting innocent bystanders and ignoring citizens reporting crimes in order to make their numbers look better.

Village Voice

Now in fairness, the Sacramento P.D. behaved pretty well during the Occupy Sacramento protests. I wasn’t there alas, but I do not recall any examples of bad behavior on their part. They appear to have behaved in a highly professional manner.

Remember all those bumper stickers that used to say, “IF YOU DISLIKE THE POLICE, NEXT TIME YOU’RE IN TROUBLE CALL A HIPPIE”?

Never had a hippie shoot my dog.

Something to think about if you live in Phoenix and have Hispanic ancestors.

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