They Saved Einstein’s Brain!

Einstein's brain

Evidently when Albert Einstein died at the age of 76 in 1955 sections of his brain were sliced and mounted on glass for further study. The now are part of a traveling exhibit which is currently on loan to the United Kingdom.

From the Guardian:

Einstein was cremated and his ashes were scattered according to his wishes. But the pathologist Thomas Harvey, who carried out the postmortem, said Einstein’s son gave him permission to preserve the brain for research, a claim that was later disputed.

Harvey kept the brain, which to many people’s surprise was not particularly large, and divided it into 240 sections preserved in jars of formaldehyde at his house. He gave a box of 46 slides to his colleague William Ehrich, and the samples were eventually donated to the museum in Philadelphia. [ The Mutter Museum]

More on museum zombie bait at: brain-samples-display.

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