Fama volat — rumor flies

Dear Editor,

“Fama volat” — rumor flies. That’s what the Romans said, before and after every chariot race at Santa Anita, near the LA Mausoleum. Yet neither Kirk Douglas nor Charlton Heston were ever quite as scandalous as XXI century spectacles.

From stone tablets to e-tabloids, the Appian Beltway is paved with cybergossip. I have no idea whether any of the stuff mentioned in this article is true, or even half-true, let alone the half-naked truth. But given that Hillary Clinton rules the world on behalf of a group of Satanic pedophiles over whom she cracks a meanie whip, I can see how such a thing might happen, and that the entire Conway family became victims of sexual abuse, except for George, who spends his nights at an NIH laboratory, locked inside Dr. Fauci’s medicine cabinet, which is the only place where one may avoid being infected by the DEV (donkey–elephant viral) in D.C. It would not surprise me if Congress suffered from the same insidious disease, which means that the rioters who stormed the Capitol on January 6 are about to experience all the symptoms of the moral plague that they themselves spread.

If a little child shall lead them, then I hope that Claudia Conway escapes to the EU to be adopted by Greta Thunberg, now that the latter is of age, while Mommy weirdest runs away to Mar-a-Lago to join the media circus–if that’s not redundant. As President Trump would say, beware of getting what you prayed for–and let one who is without selfie shame share the first upside-down instagram.

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Signed: Dennis Rohatyn