Op-Ed: This Conservative Has Had It with Big Tech Censoring Meme-Worthy Inauguration Photos of George W. Bush Wearing Gloves

A conservative laments the proliferating ‘mittens memes’ of Bernie Sanders, while George W. Bush and his sensible gloves were completely ignored!

The social media powers-that-be have once again shown their utter contempt for the American people. Expect anything different with one of their own in the White House? Just look at the huge deal the folks who run Twitter and Instagram made over a totally stupid and definitely pointless photo of Sen. Bernie Sanders wearing a pair of mittens at Joe Biden’s inauguration last week. It might be the most popular thing on the internet right now, which makes sense since it fits right in with their radical agenda.

Mittens Memes DapsDraws-Twitter
Big Tech flies high on mittens memes, but what about sensible gloves?! Image: DapsDraws/Twitter.

They want us to revel through these many mittens memes at how Sanders’ fingers are enjoying each others’ warm company all mushed together and protected by one communal piece of fabric. Well lah-dee-frickin’-da, they’re probably all sitting Indian-style singing ‘Kumbaya,’ too. (If only we had x-ray vision by now, like President Reagan intended, would we know for sure.) 

Meanwhile, virtually no attention has been paid to the sleek leather gloves sported by George W. Bush just a few feet over. What about the rugged individualism of each of his fingers, separated by a barrier as all good neighbors should be?

It shouldn’t even matter that Sanders is donating merchandise sales relating to the mittens, which a schoolteacher knitted from recycled wool, to Vermont charities while we don’t even know the brand of glove that one of Bush’s assistants probably picked up at the Men’s Wearhouse in North Bethesda a few days before the inauguration. It wouldn’t bother me if the workers who stitched them together earned half minimum wage. Hell, if the gloves were made from a pig that could talk, that wouldn’t be an issue either. I think we’re overlooking the fact that the gloves are black, which the woke BLM crowd should appreciate as a sign of good will. Not even Barack Obama himself wore black gloves. (And no, his hands aren’t dark enough to count, sorry!)

Mittens Memes vancityreynolds-Instagram
More “fun” with mittens memes. Image: vancityreynolds/Instagram.

The fact that this unfair meme is so popular is also an indictment of the photographers there, everyone from the usually fair-and-balanced AP to the left-wing hacks over at Getty. Why bother taking pictures of an attendee who can’t even participate in one of Sen. Jon Thune’s famous pre-inauguration round-robin rock-paper-scissors tournaments?

Why bother capturing a senator who can’t make the rock n’ roll sign while the Marine Band plays?

Why bother pointing your lens—unless we’re talking about a scope—at someone who can’t flip off Chief Justice John Roberts for his tie-breaking vote to uphold the Affordable Care Act?

But what makes this a real atrocity is that Sanders couldn’t even do his bread-and-butter—make a peace sign—with those floppy things on his old, hippie hands. What a fraud! (Frankly, I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to trademark the gesture to help pay the mortgage on his half-million-dollar third house on Lake Champlain.) With that off the table, Sanders’ choice of garb did still allow him to declare thumb wars, but that too was a no-go for obvious reasons.

So, what’s the secret formula for a conservative, Real American meme to go viral on-line? If it means sacrificing my values, sorry, folks, I’ve got a migrant caravan to monitor and blood pressure pills to take.

EDITOR’S NOTE: In an earlier version of this article, the author wrote that he would have no qualms if the owner of the company that manufactured President Bush’s gloves was a “Holocaust denier.” That line has since been removed.