Blue Bloods

Soap opera- British buffoonery- featuring the “Royal Family.”

Queen Mumsy realizing LATE… My “multi-Billion dollar-royal corporation” NOW jeopardized by FIRSTBORN NITWIT- Vice Lord Sweatamous.

Vice Admiral- now stripped of purple silk underwear, and clown Hats… faces pedophile charges as – mere “private citizen”.

Guards! summon my Beef Eaters! -half-baked heir tarnished Mums- Blueblood aristocracy.

(This smoldering mess NOW involves private citizens and cannibalism).


Empty silver plates… shipwrecked on Epstein’s Pedophile Bermuda gulag… Vice Admiral Boobsworth – “permanently out to lunch”

High Tea served features: -steamed credibility, raw facts, poached teens- smothered in secrecy.

Other Documented hull worm’s islanders- “barnacle”- Bill Clinton and “sand flea”-Donald Trump-


Those lowest on Epstein’s food chain- (dozens of intimidated teenagers) “minnows” sacrificed to salty creeps with clutching little claws.

Any sober Jury -watching Prince Andrew CLAW through his embarrassing BBC interview would agree- “brick thick”.

Epic, jet setting, implausibility runs amuck.

BBC interviewers carefully lobbed this prince softballs- YET- His Majesty catapulted his soft little balls back with cringeworthy royal dismissiveness.
“Because I said So!”.

Mums’ fairytale garden…soiled by ball-less son.

“Not since medieval times- has DUNCEhood tallied such a -scorched earth”.

Remarkable barrage- Ol Chap! Unrivaled NAVAL midriff operations!

No ROYAL cheek unchapped, no belly unbuttoned.

Please be seated for our unAWARDing ceremony-

Tin Clustered, First (dis)order, scarlet, booty lace, seaman ribbon-(hold the sausage)!

Private citizens receive theirs as…printed plastic certificates.

Verdict reads-

Rotten apple- (poorly) shot off (wooden) head- by own (idle -sweaty) hands.


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Signed: Glenn Jones