Ronald the RayGun

Ronald the RayGun

White insurrectionists are nostalgic for Ronald Reagan’s white America.

Ronny would have won 1984 without climbing into bed for evangelical church nuts…look what HELL that crackpot marriage spawned.

Reagan PLAYED his part… Early on TV-keeping big tobacco smoke in the public’s eye …hawking CANCEROUS Chesterfield cigarettes.

Gaslighting fellow actors’ “political beliefs” was how Ronny rubbed ideological lamps.

Nobody except (PHONY draft dodger) John Wayne was WHITE enough for Reagans Christian Army.

Ronny’s famous parody line “I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help” Reminds me -who exactly did Reagan help besides the wealthy? -Reagan crushed poor people like cigarette butts.

FAILED (tinkle down) economic theory meant- Piss on everyone poor.

Ronny basically “outlawed” Unions by jailing air traffic controllers, nut case wife Nancy was equally crazy -like Reagan’s Military Industrial Complex spending spree, she lived HER government lifestyle on a blank check sofa.

Instead of mutual respect, Reagan went out of his way to humiliate Gorbachev, – what legacy did this create?

Nancy employed a full-time psychic, seanced Iran Contra ghosts, Ollie North, and fascist goon squads in her Republican crystal cabal.

Democracy and hope WERE murdered (wholesale) in Central America by Reagan’s corporate soldiers of misfortune.

TODAY’S “border problems” resulted directly from Reagan’s scorched earth policy in Honduras, Nicaragua and Central America.

Thanks Nancy… for “just saying KNOW to drug lords”-

Reagan’s CIA made “crack king” in black ghettos-(Reagan’s trifecta CASH COW) -secret billions from selling crack, incarceration and disenfranchising BLACK AMERICAN VOTERS.

Reagan never helped anyone except other -BAD ACTORS.

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Signed: Glenn Jones