Exxon Mobil has more exploration holdings and acres in Russia than America.

Another war for Oil.

ABANDONING-“these 64 million acres of Exxon leases” WILL PROVE sanctions are “in place” against Putin’s crony mafia autocracy.

Until then-S.O.S.

As Marine Major General Smedley Butler said after WWI-“WAR IS A RACKET” (Smedley should know)…Butler was propositioned by Wall street industrialists to take over the White House after their planned elimination of FDR in 1933.

1933 was America’s FIRST FAIL COUP ATTEMPT- (Trump was never 1st at anything).

Rackets mean- little folks die, so Swiss Bank accounts can flourish.

Rackets mean BUSINESS AS USUAL- for crooked shameless billionaires.

China will pump Putin’s gas- Vlad has already welcomed (Trillionaire) Xi Jinping- who’s Uyghur labor camps are only a few (brain-washed) kilometers away (as the crooked missile flies).

Ukrainian refugees are NOT streaming towards Russian or Chinese borders.

Xi’s used his “fake Communist Olympics” to whisper approval for Vlad’s Ukraine invasion, (knowing)… Putin will reciprocate, when Xi invades Taiwan (next year) … how MODERN brutality operates in THEIR world of empire building.

Look! – its Tucker Carlson and Trump ramming a MAGA Russian tank through an elementary school filled with terrified children.

“Pure genius” tweets FIELD COMMANDER TRUMP.

“Have you ever seen so much free real-estate up for grabs”? PRIVATE TUCKER greases another deadly round of propaganda for Putin’s war on humanity.

Hoping to see all THEIR greasy shit BLOW UP IN THEIR MORON FACES.

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Signed: Glenn Jones