Pope Francis runs a religious corporation of BIG HATS – historically complicit in grooming Fascists.

Like Harry Potter character’s not speaking the name of (evil) Lord Voldemort- Francis won’t speak Putin’s name.

A fictional (and financial) Pope lifestyle makes nameless, blameless, pontification WAY less complicated; the Popes car is literally a Plexiglas soap bubble.

Francis leadership- is modeled after euro Pope bubble bath luxury. Popes slept comfortably- while fascists murdered civilians- GODS WILL, RIGHT? – just NEVER say Franco, Mussolini, Hitler, or Putin.

Like every other religion scam- the Vatican wastes every squeaky-clean hour- counting loot or rosary beads- not actually helping anyone- anywhere, -ever.

Until the Vatican takes refugees or tithes a billion for humanitarian aid to Ukraine… it’s just more purple robes blabbing Latin lip service.

A Russian Orthodox Priest- sporting an EVEN BIGGER HAT provided service in Crimea for Russian sailors who survived battleship Moscow’s sinking.

Funeral service carefully navigated ship’s officers- who didn’t go down with their ship.

What’s left of Putin’s naval Conscripts- were lined up… (as if waiting for another lifeboat)- that never came.

Very sad.

Beneath his 800-ton headdress with functional gun ports, nationalist flags, and fog horn -the Priest spoke- “a tragedy, MADE worse because it was a FLAGSHIP”.

Out of touch, rudderless, religious, military strategy, -–Putin Priest sanctioning -one hull of a mess.

“Hey- MY KID died for nothing asshole”-Why not say- “Putin’s war of aggression must end now!!”

Instead-The Priest pontificated- THIS battleship sinking- was bad seamanship- NOT Gods will.

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Signed: Glenn Jones