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What are we, idiots?

Sep 252009
 By , September 25, 2009

>From Robert Creamer, HuffingtonPost.com:

We spend $7,290 per person and end up in 37th place. They spend only $3,601 and they are number one. That’s just not right.

On the average, Frenchmen live almost three years longer than the average American. That’s infuriating.

What’s more, every legal resident of France is covered by health insurance, and in the U.S. 46 million people are uninsured. When someone in France goes to the hospital, everything except a small co-payment is covered – it’s that simple.

The government doesn’t deliver health care in France. Private doctors and hospitals do most of that. It just provides health insurance for everyone.

If you walk into one store and a suit you like costs $600 – and next door the very same suit is $300 – most people would call you a chump for spending $600. In this case the French are paying $300 and getting a better suit. What are we, idiots?

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