It’s a Dam Shame… for Trump’s Distant Cousin!

Dam Shame: Trump has his crazy wall, and Xi has his stupid dam.

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping. It’s just a dam shame about these two.

One is an unhinged, whiny, insecure little crybully with extremely authoritarian views. The other spends half of his time waving his little stick at Mar-a-Lago! (Look, I’m hands-free! Not a problem! Absolutely no problem of that, I guarantee it!)

Dam Shame, Yarlung Tsangpo River
Dam shame: Yarlung Tsangpo River, site of proposed dam in China.

But what about all those other places outside America? Well, the unelected tyrannical long lost cousin of Winnie the Pooh has finally lost his goddamn mind… On two counts! Not a bad little rap sheet though, compared to some…

So first of all, Chairman Xi is planning a broad sweep and trying to undermine the already meagre rule of law in China. China’s official media states:

A total of 39,781 cases of failure to fulfill responsibilities, unwillingness to carry out duties, or arbitrary or fraudulent acts in serving economic and social development and in protecting the ecological environment were handled last year. These cases accounted for 86.9 percent of all cases of unnecessary formalism and bureaucracy that were investigated last year.

In other words, a whole host of corrupt bureaucrats is said to be standing in the way of getting things done, unlike the great Mussolini-man-of-action Xi Jinping. (Left-right-left-right, do we even remember how to march?!) But does it actually occur to Shady Xi, on any freaking level whatsoever, that not being able to do things sometimes means there some people still interested an impartial rules-based order? Xi Jinping, rather ironically for a guy who is holding untold numbers of people in concentration camps, is basically an anarchist at heart; does this sound familiar?

Well yes, Trump is planning on completely purging the USA’s civil service and intelligence community, and replacing them with anarchic people who are hostile towards any sense of a rules-based order of limited discretion.

Reuters says:

Trump would seek to decimate what he terms the “deep state” – career federal employees he says are clandestinely pursuing their own agendas – through an executive order that would reclassify thousands of workers to enable them to be fired. That would likely be challenged in court. He has vowed to fire what he terms “corrupt” actors in national security positions and “root out” his political opponents.

It gets worse. Not only do both figures converge massively about all this ‘the Deep State’ malarkey of theirs, but in addition to all of that, Trump and Xi are both alike surrounded by craven sycophants. A little illustration of this is in order: Xi Jinping wants to build a huge hydroelectric dam on the fragile, crumby loess soil of the Tibetan-Qinghai plateau. This is soil so bad for building that you couldn’t even build a garden shed on it, because it would fall down! So, how does Shady Xi intend to get around this problem?…

By AI.




What the hell is going on here?! This is how all dictators, and dictatorships, end.  Xi Jinping is so surrounded by sycophants that he honestly believes AI and 3D printing can get around manifest physical impossibilities of architecture.

So, Trump has his deep state, Xi has ‘the corrupt’ (not him obviously!)

Trump has his crazy wall, and Xi has his stupid dam.

Trump has his echo chamber of ‘trusted’ advisers only, so has Xi Jinping.

For someone who has been so hostile to the Chinese regime in the past, Trump sure has a lot in common with Xi Jinping! Let’s all hope the dam and the wall are never built; and that the great Stalinist and Maoist purge will all end soon. 

Trump and Xi are growing closer by the day; it’s time for everyone to understand Trump sees the regimes of Russia and China as a model for America, and not an enemy…

Praying this will all end soon.

When are both countries going to come to their senses?!

Jonathan Ferguson