[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

‘The Dick’ Cheney to Star in Remake of ‘Dr. Strangelove’

Considered a natural for the role

G.W. able to remember his one line: "Yeehah!"

A Humor Times Special Report

Dick Cheney will be returning to the world spotlight, as he has taken his first film role – reprising the unforgettable Peter Sellers role of Dr. Strangelove in a remake of the movie.

Sellers made cinematic history as the wheel-chair bound, ex-Nazi atomic physicist who had a problem trying to keep his right hand from making the “Heil Hitler” salute. Cheney, considered a natural for the role, is re ported to have needed few acting lessons to ‘become’ Strangelove.

The major difference between the Sellers rendition and the ex-Vice President’s is that the Cheney version will be without humor. When asked why he chose to play it that way, Cheney replied, “What’s ‘humor’?”

A second part, that of the hyper American General so brilliantly payed by George C. Scott, was given to an other former Bush crony who is also making his acting debut – Karl Rove. When asked if he would attempt to reprise Scott’s courage, valor and toughness, Rove replied smugly, “Courage, valor and toughness? Who needs that in this high-tech age? Get real.”

Filming has almost wrapped up. George Bush will have a cameo as the Slim Pickens character who falls out of a bomber on top of a nuclear device and rides it cowboy style to its earthly Russian destination. Bush choose the role because it was the only one that allowed him to wear a cowboy hat and not have to remember any lines.

Roger Freed