Scary Thoughts

Here Are Some Really Scary Thoughts:

The people running for President have no problem wasting huge sums of other people’s money and spending incredible amounts of time making themselves look good for the campaigns. What is to prevent them from doing the same when they are elected?

Medically, Dick Cheney does not have a pulse because of his heart pump.

The definition of a terrorist also fits the first prime minister of Israel, the signers of the Constitution, half the heroes of the Bible, any country that uses drones, the tactics used by our own military, and the methods of the British, Russians, French, Germans, Belgians, Japanese and Portuguese during the time of their Empire building.

We pay income tax on interest in bank savings that we have already paid income tax on previously.

In reality we are only allowed to vote on one of two predetermined, well entrenched political parties and who they ultimately choose to be their leaders.

Who decided that they had the right to sell the first lands taken away from the Native Americans and why are they still allowed to lay claim to them to this day?

Nobody knows what George W. Bush has been up to lately.

We work hard for decades to pay for a little square of land with a house on it that can be taken away from us by banks or the government at the drop of a hat.

The present definition of traitor would include Jesus Christ, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Mohamed, Bob Dylan, John Steinbeck, Rush Limbaugh many of the members of the Republican and Democratic Parties and Oprah.

The Untied States did not have the legal right to prevent the southern states from seceding prior to the Civil War.

We, the nation that believes the most in freedom of choice, hounded France when they refused to join in declaring war on Iraq.

If she lived in Afghanistan, Oprah would be stoned to death for multiple reasons.

Those who take care of the financial aspects of our society use their manipulation to make themselves richer and everyone else poorer.

Bill Gates has enough money to buy Vietnam, Iceland or Cuba.

A stupid dogmatic person will understand, be attached to and defend the one simple idea he understands but use the genius of a thousand evil ideas to defend it.

There is still one of the Bush dynasty that has not been President- but wants to be.

There is a very real possibility that Ann Coulter is a vampire.

The United States is the only country that undermines its own security by forgiving illegal aliens.

The people of most of the world’s free countries know more about the U.S. than we know about them or than we know about ourselves.

The U.S. is on the same decline in world status as France and England experienced in the early part of the last century.

Roger Freed