Analyst Indicates Facebook Users Could Take Down Facebook in a Heartbeat

What if Facebook users decided they don’t like someone making big bucks off them while they get nothing?

While Facebook boasts that its users cannot live without it, the truth is that without its users, Facebook could not survive. The highly touted public offering has finally arrived, but there is just one huge thing that puts a damper on all those billions changing hands as we speak…Facebook is nothing without its users, those fickle, fickle people who think nothing of friending someone one day and then unfriending them the next.

Facebook Not the sort of thing a company can really base a financial standing on then is it? These days, all it takes is a couple of keystrokes and a major petition drive is moments away from adding thousands or even millions of dissidents to their cause–with the right momentum of course.

In Facebook’s case, the entire future of the company relies on what made it so popular in the first place, i.e. being able to voice your opinion about what is near and dear to your heart. Those with the most friends get the most hits, and just like a high school clique, you’re in one day, out the next.

When going public, a company must show that it can post earnings to back up its worth. Facebook, while continuing to tell everyone it is worth more than the estimated $104 Billion dollars the IPO could bring in, cannot really prove that it will make a dime after the IPO, especially if the bulk of its users decided to stop using it and go to other social media sites such as Google+ or Pinterest or better yet, join Facebook Users Anonymous to rid themselves of their Facebook addictions altogether.

“If a goodly number of Facebook users decided they didn’t like the fact that someone was making that much money off them while they got nothing more than a free pass to talk to their friends, which they could still do over the phone or by e-mail anyway, Facebook could make, and lose, approximately $100 Billion dollars literally within hours of each other,” said one financial analyst who claims that those who invested already in Facebook have a 50/50 chance of making lots of money or losing their shirts.

“So, while they may tell you that it is more complicated than that, the truth of the matter is, Facebook better be kissing some grassroots heiney big time, cause if there’s one thing I know about myself and my friends, we don’t like being taken for granted. More than that, though, we love a good joke if it plays out right,” wrote the analyst on his FB page “Financial Whizzard.”

Then he added, “The future of Facebook is literally in our hands. Say, wouldn’t it be funny if…”

P. Beckert