Yet Another Reason Why Iceland Rocks

I never really paid that much attention to Iceland until they resolved their financial crisis by creating a new government and constitution, jailing their bankers, defaulting on the debt and starting over. (Their economy has steadily improved since, unlike the nations that have tried austerity.)

I was intrigued by this brave little nation and I started watching for it in the news on line. I soon learned that because of the country’s volcanic activity they use geothermal energy to generate electricity and to heat a lot of their sidewalks and a few streets. This means the main road in Reykjavik is always open. It also means that if a drunk passes out on the sidewalk he won’t freeze to death.

Oh, by the way, they have a penis museum.

iceland penis museum

Now I learn that not only do they have an elf school that teaches about the hidden people and the 13 kinds of elves that inhabit Iceland, but that the Independence Party’s Minister of Parliament, Árni Johnsen, arranged to have a 30 ton boulder moved to a new location because it was believed to be home to three generations of elves and its old location was in the path of a highway project.

A specialist oversaw the moving of the boulder, feeding the fair folk honey while the citizenry lent a hand in the spirit of good fun and fellowship.

The specialist concluded that the boulder’s inhabitants were content with the move. “But they asked whether the boulder could stand on grass. I said that was no problem but asked why they wanted grass. ‘It’s because they want to have sheep,’ Ragnhildur replied,” Árni said.

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