Miss Roxanne Luckey

Roxanne Luckey is the younger sister of Ginger Luckey- (clueless) fiancée of Matt Gaetz.

Roxanne has publicly called Matt “creepy and weird”- based on scary personal experiences with him.

Check details for yourself-

Do YOU believe a young woman, traumatized by Gaetz (when she was a 19-year-old intern working in DC) -or a worm salesman?

Gaetz will probably be indicted next month for crimes involving …young women.

Right now, Matt is lawyered up and playing offensive sleaseball, …his balls about to bounce into a real courtroom.

Credit card records (and all the rest) were documented by the DOJ (on Trump’s watch), while Bill Barr was AG.

This isn’t a “Democrat hit job”- (a liberal smear campaign)- just what happens when a pamper, millionaire punk- thinks he can live above the law, lie through his teeth and victimize women.

Unfortunately, older sister (Ginger) will probably go over the falls and marry a felony child molester…Oops! -younger sister (Roxanne) isn’t buying into FAKE Floridamans soundtrack.

Keep yabbering into that FOX microphone Gaetz… I’m in Roxanne’s corner- looking forward to your TKO knockout.
Boxing fans will see you for what you are – miles wide – one inch deep.

Speaking of one inch deep…hope Donald Trump is your bunk mate!

Hear Jeffery Epstein’s cell is vacant- just like the morality and public service- of you two clones..

Hair any trains or banjo music Matt? Keep your boxed ears on the “steal” track- Reckon yall er bout ta receive your deliverance.

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Signed: Glenn Jones