Noblesse Oblige (See Below)

Rankin Paynter, who owns a jewelry exchange business in Northern Kentucky, was poor as a child. Now he feels for the customers who come to him because they have fallen on hard times.

“There are a lot of needy families in this area,” Paynter said. “A lot of people come in to sell me their last piece of jewelry because they need to buy food for their babies.”

So it was that when he came into a K-Mart that was about to close for good to buy a safe, he saw racks of winter clothing that remained unsold…

“I asked what would happen to it when the store closed,” Paynter told The Daily.

“They said I could come back on Sunday night at 6 p.m. when the store closed, but I had to buy it all. So I did.”

Paynter would not reveal exactly how much he spent, saying only, “It cost me a lot of money.” It took six hours to load the merchandise onto a truck, and a whole day to unload it.

He donated all of the clothing to Clark County Community Services.

Paynter said he has already received several phone calls from families thanking him for his donation.

“I know they appreciate it. It’s a good feeling,” he said.

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