Not a Crime Scene, Just My Rec Room

Last week a couple of men were walking a dog in the Swedish woods on their way to a fishing competition when they happened upon an abandoned bunker from the Second World War. When they explored inside they found a bed, several candles, a bag full of rope, and another bag full of leather restraints and sex toys. Fearful that they had happened upon a crime scene they notified the police.

The purple satin sheets should have been a clue.

After about a week a single mother in her 40s, whom the press calls “Lena” in an attempt to preserve her privacy, came forward and informed the police that the bunker was simply a hideaway she had set up for a little BDSM experimentation.

“I just want to test my limits.” she said.

Presumably the abandoned bunker lent a certain verisimilitude to some of the role playing…not to mention the assurance of privacy.

Be seeing you.

Mystery and Sex Bunker

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