Trump’s New Campaign Theme: Make America Miserable Again (MAMA)

Donald Trump’s presidential candidate slogan should shift from MAGA to Make America Miserable Again (MAMA).

It seems clear former President Donald Trump’s abiding wish is for people in the United States to feel even more miserable than they do right now.

donald trump, donkey hotey, Make America Miserable Again (MAMA)
Donald Trump, by Donkey Hotey,

In announcing his candidacy for President November 15, Trump indicated that under his sterling leadership, it’ll be his sacred duty to make sure the country knows darn well how much worse things are about to get.

“The citizens of our country have not yet realized the full extent and gravity of the pain our country is going through and the total effect of the suffering is just starting to take hold,” said the former Republican president during his declaration to regain the White House.

Just to make sure his audience at his lavish Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida got the point and sounding almost gleeful about it, Trump repeated that Americans “don’t feel (the pain) yet, but they will very soon.”

Those remarks seem to indicate that his campaign slogan could shift from Make America Great Again (MAGA) to Make America Miserable Again (MAMA). One could make an allusion to John Cougar Mellencamp’s song, “Hurts So Good,” in that more suffering for Americans will actually be beneficial–for Trump, that is.

The ex-President added that America is a “failing nation,” a “nation in decline.” You could ask, therefore, why anyone would want to be president of that mess unless you have an ego the size of an elephant–which seems appropriate since that’s the symbol of the Republican Party–and desperately needs to keep having the bright light shine on you.

The former president’s negativity about the sad state of the union sounded like he was thrilled to death in projecting that it’s Hell on Earth in America, which perhaps would make voters see him as the Messiah brought down from Heaven to save this country. And what also probably gave him even greater joy was to extend the bad vibes beyond his own presidential aspirations to bemoan the defeat of the Republican candidate for governor of Arizona, Kari Lake, who herself was not exactly Ms. Gracious in claiming that she was robbed of victory.

“Wow! They just took the election away from Kari Lake. It’s really bad out there!” Trump tweeted about the loss of one of the nation’s most accomplished election deniers and who is mentioned as a potential Trump running mate for Vice President in 2024.

Displaying his usual low-key style that the vote was rigged, echoing what he said about his own defeat for president in 2020, Trump remarked that “I assume everyone is watching Arizona as the great Kari Lake’s easy election win is slowly, yet systematically, being drained away from her, and from the American people.”

Trump used the occasion to again assail the American election process as a “very sad thing to watch,” calling it an “American disaster” and an “unreliable joke” where the “whole world is watching.” Makes you wonder what Trump would say about the “joke” that is the vote if he and Kari Lake actually did win election.

Not to be outdone by her role model Trump, Lake herself had a rather salty description about her claim that she was robbed of victory in Arizona.

“Arizonans know BS when they see it,” tweeted the former TV news anchor, shortly after her Democratic challenger had been projected to win the race. “The system right now does not work,” Lake said, a denunciation that must have been music to Trump’s ears and that could only enhance her prospects for the Baron of Mar-a-Lago to choose her for VP for 2024.

It seems some observers might have taken away the wrong message in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago declaration about what he would do to the country once he’s back in the White House. Rather than downbeat, certain wags said that the Trump campaign slogan should be MAGAGA, for “Make America Great and Glorious Again,” quoting a line from his speech.

Trump’s red baseball caps will have to say MAGAGA, one observer said, adding “if it makes you gag, get used to it.”

Another observer said MAGAGA sounded like “baby babble.”

That all sounds about right, but other negatives are that MAGAGA is too convoluted and hard to pronounce. The shorter MAMA (Make America Miserable Again) is simpler to say and fits much better on a cap, and besides it’ll appeal to all mothers in America, and maybe also PAPAS, and could also attract voters who need more starch in their diet since PAPAS translated from the Spanish means potatoes. However, the Spanish PAPAS might not fit with Trump since he’s known to be anti-Spanish-speaking immigrant, particularly those risking their necks trying to cross the Rio Grande into America.

In decrying the horror of what has happened to the U.S. since he left office two years ago when everything was great, Trump said America is “being destroyed before your very eyes” and “we have to get out of this ditch.” Trump said it’s so bad now that MAMA MIA, you can’t even buy a Thanksgiving turkey, and even if you can, the price for it is three to four times higher than last year. Which makes you believe Trump must be right when he says if you can’t even buy a turkey this country really has turned fowl.

Eric Green