It All Started With a Fence…

Gijsbert Rider claimed that he and his wife felt “threatened” by two of the residents at a mobile home park near his home in the south of the Netherlands. He proceeded to build a fence around his property. A dispute arose with the local building council. Ultimately a judge ruled that the fence had to come down.

started with a fence

That’s when things began to…escalate. Mr. Rider evidently took to heart the expression, “a man’s home is his castle.” and prepared to repel boarders with a bow and arrows and several Molotov cocktails.

started with a fence

In spite of his attempts to set several policemen afire, the Dutch SWAT team managed to take him into custody without loss of life.

A video clip can be found here.

So much for “Good fences make good neighbors.”

Be seeing you.

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