World Gone Beserk: Corporate Media MIA

What can be done when the glitzy media spotlight leaves you in the dark?

Sometimes it seems the whole world has gone nuts. The daily media is full of tantalizing examples to grab our attention. Zombies are allegedly coming off the movie screen and eating hobos on the street. Police are tasing everything that moves, including naked old ladies (true!). Banks gamble irresponsibly with money they wouldn’t have if we hadn’t bailed them out, and continue to get nothing but a slap on the wrist from fawning senators, who hope for a campaign donation. Workers vilify other workers, just because they belong to a union and have better wages and benefits because of it, forgetting that unions won the 40 hour week, overtime pay, and weekends off from greedy corporations, who are well on the way to taking those things away again. Elections are sold to the highest bidder – and we don’t even get to see who bid.

corporate media
Cartoon by Pavel Constantin, Romania, from Cagle Cartoons.

The corporate media is no help, running their “he said, she said” “journalism” 24 hours a day. They don’t have a budget for real investigative journalism any more, opting to “entertain” us instead, only succeeding in making things more confusing.

It’s pure insanity.

But the powers that be like the population confused, feeling helpless. Millions become frustrated and tune politics out, which is just fine by them. We’re slowly turning into a plutocracy – rule by the wealthy, for the wealthy – and we’re being turned against our own government, convinced it is our enemy.

Well, in a democracy, the government is supposed to be US. Don’t let them turn us against ourselves. Instead, let’s reclaim our government.

To do that, we need to tune out the corporate message machine, not politics. It’s the big money that is distorting politics, turning it into something so ugly we’d rather not look. But we don’t have to see it through their prism.

One thing we do have in these modern times is the ability to find myriad sources of information. We don’t have to digest the fast food of corporate “news,” we can find healthy sources of information, and learn the truth.

And as the old saying goes, “the truth can set you free.”

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