Detroit Make-Over: A Zombie Theme Park

Mark Siwak is trying to raise $145,000 to buy or lease enough abandoned property to build Z World-Detroit, a zombie apocalypse theme park. Considering the current state of some residential neighborhoods in the motor city, not much work would be needed.

Personally, I’d have gone with Robocop, but maybe too much time has passed since the film.

What with the city and the Governor reducing services and some of the locals hunting Possum and squirrel as a source of protein and selling them as a source of ready cash, it may just be an idea whose time has come.

Siwak’s proposed zombie park site would involve buying at least some of the land from the city, and so far the city has not expressed any interest.

Siwak’s fund-raising efforts will continue until Aug. 10 at He has received about $5,500 in pledges. More than money, “Realistically, it needs to attract a local developer,” he said. “We’re just some people with an idea.”

Detroit Free Press

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(Image from Sam Raimi’s “The Evil Dead”)

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