Right to Work? More Like ‘Right to be a Slave’

Michigan becomes 24th state to institute so-called ‘right to work’ law

Michigan has now joined almost half of the country which has introduced legislation that will make it easier for employers to regulate, hire and fire their employees at will. Goosestepping to the current climate which wishes to reduce the power of the people to the bare minimum possible, the economic powers that be have now successfully removed one of the final hurdles to that goal. The ‘Right To Be A Slave Law’, cleverly and deceptively titled the ‘Right to Work’ law, has successfully received the Governor’s approving signature.

“Yes, this is a proud day for this state. We are finally getting the workers here under our thumb where they should be.” stated Governor’s Secretary Earnestly Insincere. “It has been a long process since the days when Henry Ford actually paid his people more than the average wages so that they could buy the very cars that he made. It is amazing that such communist thinking came from a man who is one of America’s most famous capitalists. Why, if he were around today and did that we would have to get Karl Rove to run a smear campaign on him!”

“That sort of wrong thinking has caused us grief for decades. Unions sprouted like mushrooms which led to labor riots. We had to spend a lot of our hard earned profits to bring in cheap goons and expensive lawyers to combat them. Precious man hours were spent finding ways to break down the unions and their leaders.

“We had to bring in foreign labor to force out local people. We had to build assembly plants in other countries to get a cheaper work force. Way too much work went into getting some of our people into local and national governmental offices and even more into subverting or inventing laws that would shift power and profits our way. I tell ya, it is a really hard job controlling a whole economy to keep it flowing towards you.

“Now, at last, after untold decades of work, we have finally put the final nail in the coffin of the average worker with these ‘Right to Work’ laws. We will soon own the very hide he lives in. If we just keep the ball rolling our way, soon we will eliminate overtime pay, third shift extra pay, holiday pay, maternity leave, all the perks that the middle class has sucked out of us for so long now. Did I forget to mention insurance? In the future they can just work for substandard wages that are below the cost of living so that they have to work more. Like gerbils on an endless treadmill- that works just fine for us! We will make a CEO’s paradise right here in the grand state of Michigan!”

It has been noted by newspapers covering this story that the law pulls off the trick of making it seem like it benefits the worker while actually lessening his civic powers. You can tell that the dumbing down initiatives enacted by the same group of people must be doing its job.

Roger Freed