Muddle-Minded Multimillionaire McAfee Mucks Up Murder Mystery in Middle America

McAfee is one of the world’s most-used internet security software programs. It is used to protect the computer user from computer viruses and other threats that can attack a machine while a person is online.

John McAfee

Also now famous is the creator himself, John McAfee. The multimillionaire, now a few million lighter than he was in his heyday, has been living the Life of Reilly down in Belize, South America. Or rather, more like the life of Hefner. Mr. McAfee has reportedly turned into quite the playboy. Himself 67 years old, he has a 20 year old girlfriend, has been throwing big parties at his estate and has been getting heavily into drug use, most notably the internal use of bath salts which supposedly elevate his ‘sexiness.’

Recently, Mr. McAfee has been sought by the Belize police for questioning regarding the murder of his neighbor, another American named Greg Faull, who was found shot to death. McAfee reacted to this by disguising himself and slipping over the border to Guatemala and requesting asylum, all of which did nothing to help his image as being innocent of the crime. Guatemala refused his request and before they could ship him back to Belize, the slippery McAfee managed to high tail it back to the U.S.

Now back in the safety of his own country, McAfee says that he wants nothing more than to return to a normal life, or, as normal a life as you can have when you are an eccentric 67 year old millionaire drug user suspected of murder who has a twenty year old girlfriend.

Strangely, those computer users with McAfee protection installed on their machines have been finding that all news of this incident has been mysteriously getting wiped off their computers within minutes of…

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AUTHORS NOTE: Reality is sometimes as strange or stranger than satire. In doing research for this article I found that Google openly displayed information on the latest trouble John McAfee is having with the law. Meanwhile both the Yahoo and Bing search websites displayed mostly articles and ads for the McAfee products with articles about John’s fight from the law appearing only once on the first page and only three times in the next three pages. How free and honest are search engines these days and how much are they controlled by commercial interests? Has the McAfee bought website bought off Yahoo and Bing to minimize the story or are they simply such greedy search engines that they are 90% advertising content and only 10% actual news?