AIG Forced to Drop ‘American’ from Their Name, After Biting the Hand That Bailed It

Roger Freed, AIG Forced to Drop ‘American’ from Their Name, After Biting the Hand That Bailed It

Due to the corporation American International Group even THINKING about suing the U.S. Government after getting bailed out by every taxpayer in the country, the government has responded by demanding that the company drop the “American” part of their name.

Ex-AIG CEO Maurice Greenberg wanted to join in a joint lawsuit against the government stating that the details of the bailout deprived shareholders and Mr. Greenberg himself of dividends. Greenberg pushed for AIG to join in to, which they contemplated doing.

Let’s take a pause to let that sink in for a moment…

In other words, they are saying that the government, who saved their butts from the same economic mess that they helped to cause and were themselves swamped by, are suing the government saying that they did not get as much money as they deserve FROM THE BAILOUT. And that same company helped cause millions of Americans to lose money, jobs, wages and federal tax money by helping bail AIG out.


Boiling this down- they are pissed because they did not make enough money from us helping them.


People like this used to be shot as traitors. Ingratitude now has a new definition and its name is AIG (and Greenberg).

It isn’t bad enough that a company said to be “too big to fail” capsizes because of its own finagling but they get to rob the taxpayers treasury as well. Now, that not being cheeky enough, they have the gall to say we owe them more and the government is bad because they didn’t let them make as much money from the bailout as they wanted.

Machiavelli could have gotten inspiration from this. Bernie Madoff could never have imagined it.

Many analysts say that with all the negativity associated with the name AIG that they would be better off changing the meaning of the initials altogether, just like the notorious and murderous Blackwater Security did when they changed their name to Xe in hopes of losing their horrid reputation.

The following are some recommended suggestions for accurate titles to replace the original AIG names without losing their trademarked initials:

Asylum for Immoral Greedheads        Absolute Inhuman Goofs

Assaulting Incomes Globally        Avoiding Intelligent Guesses

Astonishing Incompetent Geeks        Accumulating Illicit Goods

Aborting the Intelligence Gene        Anally Idiotic Guys

Abbreviating Incomes Generally        Abandoning the Intellect Greatly

Awfully Impudent Guys        Astoundingly Inept Gambling

Allowing Illegal Graft        Arrogant Impudent Gangsters

Amazingly Indifferent Gentlemen        Atrociously Insulting Guys

Asswipes, Ingrates and Greedheads

Of course, the best and most accurately descriptive substitution for “American” in the name for these guys would be “Asshole.”

Roger Freed