Charles Ramsey Damn Lucky He Didn’t Get His Ass In Serious Trouble In Cleveland Rescue

It’s a good thing Charles Ramsey’s actions didn’t get misunderstood

It fortunately went so miraculously well.

A girl held hostage for ten years breaks free of her bonds and manages to get to the door of her captors house.

She yells through the mail slot that she needs help and identifies herself.

A black neighbor, Charles Ramsey, hears her cries and helps her break out of the door.

With his aid she escapes with her daughter from the house of the man who abused her.

She tells him that there are two other women inside also held prisoner. He rushes in and frees them. The police arrive to finalize the rescue.

The black man becomes an instant hero to both his neighborhood, to the nation, and then finally to the world.

It could have so easily gone in another direction.

It could so easily have been mis-perceived.

The headlines could have been like this:

‘Afro American Man Taken Into Custody After Breaking Into Neighbors House To Get At White Women.’

‘Agitated Black Man Breaks Down Neighbors Door And Pulls Three White Women Out Into The Street.’

‘Wild Looking Black Man Goes After White Women Alone In House.’

‘Defenseless Girl Yells As Black Neighbor Breaks In Her House.’

ADDENDUM: McDonald’s is making a big deal out of the fact that Charles Ramsey was eating a McDonald’s sandwich at the time of the rescue. They always like to align themselves with whatever and whoever it popular at the moment whether it is Star Wars, Charles Ramsey or the latest pop star. Knowing their taste maybe they will come out with a Cleveland Kidnap Coffee Special.

Roger Freed