WWAD: What Would Allah Do?

Violence: Allah would say this is not the true Islam.

If the Shi’ites were fighting the Sunni’s what would Allah want?

He say for them to lay down their arms and realize that they are brothers of the same faith.

Allah koran-tasbihIf a Moslem country’s leaders were demonizing other countries to make them look bad, what would Allah do?

He would say “My children, look to your own lives and the ways to improve it. Do not cast your sight abroad to look for the sins your own soul reflects.”

If a woman were to rend pages from the Koran and the people were wont to stone her, what would Allah do?
He would say “This book is a reflection of my Word; rend not the woman the way she has rent the Book. By forgiving teach her the way of the true Koran. She has rent only paper, not Spirit.”

If a man and woman were to find in each other a love, a love that was not present in the suitors chosen by their parents, what would Allah say?

Allah would say “The love that the two have found in each other is the same as the love I have for all of thee. This is love as was intended by the Nature I have created. The artificial marriage made for the convenience of man is not mine.”

If a woman wears no cloth upon her face or parts of her body, what would Allah say should be the atonement for her sin?

Allah would say “The sin accused of the woman is an imagined sin; nothing evil has of come of it. The greater sin is in the thoughts of the accuser. There is a malignancy already grown.”

What would Allah say of the place that women were to have in our society today?

Allah would say “I have made both men and women to be souls first and all else second. Each soul shall have its own chance to grow to whatever glory it can reach.”

What would Allah say of the carnage now made in His name?

Allah would say “This is not my Name that they use, rather their imaginings of my Will. Their minds are blinded by power and the filter of those minds cannot distinguish the difference between their own savage lusts, hatreds and greeds and those of the purer impulses of love and service that are the hallmarks of the true man. They are not disciples of mine.”

What would Allah say of the groups that bomb, behead, mutilate and destroy in the name of Islam?

Allah would say this is not the true Islam. He would say that this is a shadow of a shadow of the truths written in the Book. He would say that this is where the Devil has entered wearing the guise of Allah and subverted their minds. He would say this is where the lusts and vulgarities of man have been made into a religion of the blind and a tool for power rather than worship. He would say that these groups are harbingers of the darkness that they carry inside themselves which they now unleash upon the world outside themselves. They are those who have brought Hell out of the depths of their own spirits and introduced it upon their share of the earth. This Hell shall be returned upon themselves.

In all, a new Book must be written for that modern world upon which we open our eyes to every day.

Roger Freed