Life Imitates Art: Once Again, Fake News Predicts the Real Thing

C’mon, world, we’re just trying to be funny with our “fake news” pieces, you’re not supposed to make them real!

A fake news article on this site posted yesterday by Michael Egan, Pizza Store Owners Rush to Cash In on Gay Discrimination, became real today with this report: Hate PAYS: Florist Rides Pizza Success, Grabs $90k In Donations For Refusing Same-Sex Wedding.

fake news or real? Barronelle Stutzman, gay hater
Richland, Washington, florist Barronelle Stutzman made big bucks by refusing to serve gay customers.

The article on Addicting Info states:

As luck would have it, it turns out hate pays.

Like the equally discriminatory Memories Pizza, in Indiana, which has earned over $800,000 in sympathy donations so far, Stutzman’s own GoFundMe campaign has pulled in nearly $90,000…

Yes, you too can hate and get paid!

Michael’s made-up “news” stated:

“Send us your cash donations!” say hundreds of pizzeria operators, eager to profit from the generosity of gay-haters everywhere.

Pizza stores in the U.S. are hastening to join the anti-gay movement after Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana, received nearly a million dollars in donations so far from Christian bigots all over the country…

Excited U.S. pizza-store owners, and even some bakeries, are joining the AGSMSM (Anti-Gay Send Me Some Money) movement in droves.

So, there you go. The only difference was, this new gay-hater-for-profit business is, of all things, a florist (insert stereotypical joke here), and they are in Richland, Washington, not Indiana.

America, we’re really just trying to have fun here. Please don’t mimic our stories, they are not supposed to happen! You’re supposed to have more sense than that!

And please, please, STOP rewarding hate! Thank you.

— The editor

James Israel
Social media