Nah, Bernie Sanders Wouldn’t Run on a Third Party Ticket! … Would He?

‘Why Bernie Sanders Might Accept Jill Stein Offer to Run On a Green Party Ticket in November’

When I first saw the above headline about Bernie Sanders pairing with Jill Stein on the right-wing USA Home News site, I thought, oh yeah, you’d really like that, wouldn’t you? Hand the election to Trump, it would! Two words: Ralph Nader.

Bernie Sanders, Jill SteinThe article stated:

“As the Democratic primary winds down to a close, Green Party likely nominee Dr. Jill Stein said she wanted Bernie Sanders supporters to ‘know that there’s a plan B here to continue to fight that revolution…’

“With the fact that Bernie Sanders has at least 43% of the democrats and 70% of the independents, which is the largest voting block in the history of America, and with The Green Party working hard to be on more voting ballots in November, why would Bernie decline the opportunity to be be President of the United States.”

And sure, Republicans may think that would be ideal — a strong left-wing, third party bid would destroy Hillary’s chances, the thinking goes, and would hand the election to Drumpf and Christie. Or Palin. Or Gingrich. Or whatever yes-man/woman he ends up “hiring” (and probably soon after, “firing”).

But the more I thought about Bernie Sanders’ wide support, the more I wondered… when you consider the clout he has among independents and the young, and add that to his big percentage of Dem backers, well, the logical conclusion can only be that he would have the largest block of voters!

So, the crazy notion soon planted itself in my mind… maybe, just maybe, in a fair election, this ticket could win! And in an unfair election, well, I doubt seriously that the powers-that-be would let Trump in, so, hell, we’d end up with Hillary anyway.

So, now I’m thinking … hmm … maybe Bernie should give it a shot! With as energetic and determined a base as he has, it could just happen.

Now, imagine that.

Stay tuned, America!

James Israel
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