Trump’s Lessons for Children: A Poem

Trump’s Lessons for Children

It’s not a “bad touch” if it’s me,
A rich, famous celebrity.
It’s okay to lie,
To do, then deny,
To trick others to work for free.

Trump and childrenIt’s okay to laugh and make fun,
If the kid in the wheel chair can’t run,
Or if the girl’s flat,
Or worse, she is fat.
Let her know she’s only a 1.

It’s okay to bluster and boast,
To make sure that you get the most,
To bully and cheat
For other’s defeat,
And spread gossip and lies ’til they’re toast.

To use others’ money is smart,
And here is the way that you start:
Take kids’ money for lunch
With the threat of a punch.
Learn to bully, a lost playground art.

Beware if their skin’s brown or black.
They steal and they rape and attack.
Do not let them play
With you any day.
Look out, you’ll get stabbed in the back!

It’s important you children expose
Any kid that you see in strange clothes.
A scarf on her head
Should fill you with dread —
She’s a terrorist everyone knows!

You all have a model in me
Of all you aspire to be.
In business and fun
Protect Number One —
The core of Trump Morality.


Diane de Anda