Smart Peeple R the Caws of the Wurld’s Trubbles

Roger Freed, Smart Peeple R the Caws of the Wurld’s Trubbles

Ther nedes to bee a law aganst smart peeple. They R the reel reeson behind a lot of the wurlds problems. Evri won blames bad peeple fur the trubbles that exist butt if u investigaat depeley enuf u will sea that itt is reely peeple with two mani branes that are respocible fur much ov the wohs uv our plannet.

Fur instanse, taik a look at Acmajinudad (don’t expect mee to nowe how to spel THAT naim rite!), the Presudent of Iran ( I wonder if he named the cuntry I-ran becuze he had to run fur ellection there, har, har har!). He sownds like an idiut when u listen to him maake speaches, but he wuz actually a Universitie perfessor wuns. Now he servz az the step and fetch it boi fur the religus Imansz hoo reely run the cuntrie. I think thei wanted an intelectwoal to be the front mann becaws al thei knoo how to do themselves iz tel peeple knot wut to do and wat knot to doo and to stone them if thei doo wut thei warned them knot to doo. Thei iz big dumees themselves.

Ass-sad, the Prezident of Siria, is reel inteligant. Hee went to skool in Lundon and becum a Othomul…..Optomug…..Optramag…….a person woo takes care of peeple’s eies. Then hiz papa kiked the buket und theiy maid him the hed of Siria. Now look wut hee duz. He kils anywon who saiz boo aginst him. He haz haf the cuntry riled up. A lot of gud his Optho wat-ja-ma-doozy branes are dooing the wurld. No wunder hiz name is ASS-sad!

And wut abowt Hitler? He wuz smart two. Hee wuz reel sharp at ataking uther naituns wenn they wuzn’t expectating itt. Butt wen he started getting ataked on all fore sidz himself bei hiz enemees the best answer hee kud cum up with wuz too blow those grate branes uv hiz out uv hiz hed. Ther is nuthin’ like pissin’ of al of Urope, Rusia and Amerika two ruin thingz (Sea, I new too Kapitalize them naims). Espcially wen haf them cuntries are biger than Germani itself.

Bernee Madeoff iz the perfekt exampul of a smart guy ho uzed hiz branes to make peeple mizerable. Maibee two smart four hiz own gud. Hee uzed Ponzee skeems to rob peeple uv a lot of monie. I don’t no hoo this Ponzee guy iz, butt both uv them aught to bee in jale! Uv corse, I herd hee helped build the Peeramidz two, whitch iz mabee a gud thing. Mabee him and this Martha Stewurt chik shood git mareed. Thei sownd a lott alike. Made-off is a good name for him. He certanly did ‘make-off’ with a lott uv peeple’s dogh.

Ar own Prezidnet Bush nummer two went to Harverd……aw, never mind on himm. Hiz colege edjukation never dunn him no gud anywais. However, hiz buddi Dik Cheny wuz reel smart in a ruthles sort uv wai. He managed to make the hole government a tool uv corpurat power and maid hizself millunes wile pretending to liv on a vice Prezidents waigz. He definitlee changed the meening of ‘Vice’ in the term ‘Vice Prezident.’ And the funi part iz he uzed the dumm guy, Bush, to git the derty work dun!

Roger Freed