The Swamp: Creeps Crawling in the District of Corruption – a Book Review

“The Swamp” eBook is now available on Amazon.

Finding this book was like stumbling upon hidden treasure.  The Swamp: Creeps Crawling in the District of Corruption, authored by newspaper opinion/editorial writer and meme artist, Regi Taylor, is a colorful 36-page ebook on Amazon, $7.99, that uses clever satirical images to present a humorous political punch delivered with incisive sardonic wit.

The Swamp: Creeps Crawling in the District of Corruption
Book cover: “The Swamp: Creeps Crawling in the District of Corruption” (click to enlarge).

The cover instantly tells you that Donald Trump and his fellow swamp crawlers are the subject. I chuckled at the images as I perused the pages, but realized the terrible reality highlighted is actually not funny. 

The Swamp chronicles historically significant events related to Trump’s presidency preserved as captioned, graphic images like snapshots, amusingly recorded epic, nuanced antics that may otherwise have been forever lost in the voluminous haze of Trump’s salacious Oval Office scandals.

This book might be particularly attractive to millennials and Gen Zers who are very used to consuming information in clips, sound bites and 280 characters, but all generations will find it to be a compelling, entertaining read. 

The Swamp could become a popular collectible because it documents blatant episodes of the bemusing preoccupation Donald Trump and associates have, blindly lusting for authoritarian power, while provoking armed racial and civil violence, wrecking the economy, compromising America’s world standing, and sacrificing millions to COVID-19.

Future generations may refer to this book as an historical reference faster than they might consult Wall Street Journal archives in an attempt to comprehend these provocative, strident times under Donald Trump, because The Swamp’s hilarious memes (some featured in a gallery on this site here) effectively unmask Trump’s hyper-self-indulgence, pettiness and ignorance, flaws that preclude him from success as president. 

Think of each page of The Swamp: Creeps Crawling in the District of Corruption as a puzzle piece of Trump’s warped Administration and you’ll come away with a cogent grasp of why The Donald’s four years have been an utter failure.

Despite the farcical genre he chose to convey his message on the screw-ups and perversions of Trump and his co-conspirators, Regi Taylor has taken his subject matter very seriously in The Swamp, evidenced by his stinging rebuke of Trumpism in the book’s introduction.

Taylor offers an even more harsh lambast of Trump et al in the foreword to this book which is published on, laying bare the agenda Donald Trump and his legions are pursuing within the context of America’s white supremacist legacy.

Mr. Taylor also has a line of t-shirts, mugs, etc, with some of his memes printed on them. Check out his DC C.R.A.P. (Donald Chump’s Contemporary Reality Absurdly Packaged) memes gallery here on this website, and visit his store.

Here’s an infomercial Mr. Taylor created for his DC C.R.A.P. memes:

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