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Jul 032015
 By , July 3, 2015
Interview with God - A Humor Times Exclusive

Saying He is “misunderstood,” God took the form of a Chihuahua to meet our reporter in Death Valley. Reporter: (texting madly) “Okay, James, big joke. Here I am in the middle of nowhere baking in Death Valley for my big mystery interview you set up, [more…]

Mar 212015
 By , March 21, 2015
Apparitions: Ireland's Love for Seeing the Impossible

Just the latest apparition reported in Ireland’s religiously-fueled history Last Friday, in a Dublin pub, an American tourist claims to have seen and photographed the image of Christ in a pint of Guinness. Sightings of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, usually in Bee Gee form, [more…]

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