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Oct 192016
Free Comic Book: 'The Best Democracy Money Can Buy'

Greg Palast is now offering the movie companion comic book, “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy,” free. Greg Palast, investigative reporter, has a new movie out, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (see movie showing info below), and has just made the companion comic book [more…]

Oct 182016
Stephen Colbert: Trump May Be Onto Something When He Says the Vote Will Be Rigged

Trump is right: This election will be rigged! Stephen Colbert had a powerful argument on the CBS Late Show last night, showing how Donald Trump is probably right — the election will be rigged. Not only that, but millions of people are involved in the [more…]

Apr 142016
 By , April 14, 2016
25th Anniversary Bash: Thanks, Will Durst and Everybody!

Will Durst was fantastic, and everyone had a great time Our 25th Anniversary Bash went swimmingly, thanks to the great Will Durst and everybody who attended! Will Durst, comedian extraordinaire, was hilarious. Of course, he has a lot to work with this year! He’s the [more…]